Monthly Archives: November 2014

Airport Inching Toward New Business Center

November 2014 – Andrea Goodell, Holland Sentinel   Approval of the design contract for a new $2.6 million apron is the next piece of the puzzle for the West Michigan Regional Airport’s new business center. The contract includes survey work, drainage designs, construction drawings, assistance with the bidding process and environmental considerations.

Already, the winning bidder […]

Airport Evolves After Starting as a Grass-Strip Runway

October 2014 – By Annette Manwell,  The West Michigan Regional Airport, once the Tulip City Airport, has evolved from a private grass-strip runway next to a barn in the 1940s, to the busy, growing airport it is today.

In 2016, it could look different still. Earlier this month the West Michigan Airport Authority approved […]

WMAA Land Purchase Approved

October 2014 – By Annette.Manwell,  The West Michigan Regional Airport Business Center has inched one step closer to coming to fruition. The $500,000 purchase of 15.41 acres — where the facility will be built — was approved Monday by the West Michigan Airport Authority. The land is owned by Johnson Controls Inc. and […]