Operation Good Cheer flies in 100’s of Christmas presents to West Michigan Regional Airport! This is the 11th year Operation Good Cheer has dropped off presents to area agencies’ Bethany Christian Services and Pathways for foster children that live in the surrounding counties. Six planes, loaded with gifts, flew into WMRA. Together, volunteers formed a human chain to remove the presents from the plane to a waiting truck or trunks of cars. A huge party is planned for the foster families where the kids will receive their wrapped presents.

One of the six pilots, Gytis Udrys, that volunteered his Cirrus, landed at WMRA with his daughter, Nora. She quipped, “We’re like modern day Santas!” Her father added, “I really enjoy this day. I get to spend quality time with my daughter and it’s helping kids all over Michigan.”

Thousands of presents were donated and organized through Operation Good Cheer ready to stuff the 243 volunteer planes on this special day. The pilot’s day begins in Pontiac, Michigan and they will cover all of Michigan and the U.P.