Charter Operations

Travel on Your Terms

Charter flights out of WMRA offer a premium experience with access to an array of exceptional services and amenities. For those seeking the convenience, comfort and privacy of a charter flight, feel free to explore the Part 135 certificate holders listed below.

Local Part 135 Providers

Flying private at WMRA means you have options. Contact providers directly for fleet and service details, as well as availability and pricing.

45 North Aviation

Get to your destination without hassle. Our 24-hour team handles every detail, from catering to ground transportation and overnight accommodations.

Phone: 231-668-6000
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Northern Jet Management

We take the time to understand our client’s unique needs and deliver a seamless experience on their schedule personalized down to the last detail.

Phone: 1-800-462-7709
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Pentastar Aviation

Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, you can be confident in the personnel, aircraft, and service excellence in every charter flight we provide.

Phone: 248-886-8949
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SC Aviation

Sit back and enjoy the complimentary WiFi, luxurious interiors and catering while we take care of the rest!

Phone: 866-290-9999
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