Informational Postcard Mailed

Check your mailbox this week for the new, informational “Postcard to the Community” from the West Michigan Airport Authority (WMAA) mailed to the City of Zeeland, City of Holland, and Park Township residents. The following people share how our airport is “part of our community’s PLACE, our gateway to the world.”

Randy Thelen, Former President of Lakeshore Advantage quotes, “The Holland/Zeeland market is the 2nd biggest export economy in Michigan. There is only one way to get to be an export-based economy, the airport helps us do that.”

Jane Clark, President of the West Coast Chamber of Commerce quotes, “We represent 1,300 member global businesses and they depend on the high quality airport that we have right here in our own community to meet the demands from their customers.”

Ethel, a Wings of Mercy client quotes, “I am so thankful to Wings of Mercy. I can now participate in a clinical trial at Mayo Clinic for the cancer I am battling.” Volunteer pilots have flown over 850 free flights from WMRA for local people in need.

Postcard 2014

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