Eric 1Congratulations to Eric Sutherland (pictured on the right) who just finished his flight training and check ride with flight instructor Derek Stewart, Tulip City Air, at West Michigan Regional Airport. Below, Eric gives us a little background and info on his training experience.

Eric: “My reasons for flying include recreation and transportation.  My wife and I look forward to flying ourselves to places often out of reach due to limited time and long distances. For example, my parents and in-laws live in Virginia and North Carolina so we plan to fly down and visit with them more often.

Regarding my training experience, Derek is an experienced and skilled Certified Flight Instuctor whom I would recommend to any aspiring pilot. He provides top-notch training while maintaining a friendly and relaxed demeanor both on the ground and in the air. CFI Jerry Heyerman does an excellent job teaching ground school and also helped me with my take-off and landings. The entire staff at Tulip City Air was equally welcoming and supportive throughout my training and use of their C152. My check ride with Hugh Eisen was very enjoyable minus the anxiety that often goes along with such an exam. I can tell Hugh is a great source of knowledge and practical advice for other pilots regardless of their experience level.

Moving forward I plan to join a flying club and obtain my instrument rating. I plan to stay in contact with Derek and everyone who assisted me in the training process as I continue to learn my way around the skies of West Michigan.”

Eric 2

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