1 Site 082315 6WEEK 2:  August 24-28, 2015  Today the surveyors began staking a ditch that will be dug out and become the water management system on the site. The water on the site will drain into the ditch, be directed to a holding detention pond and eventually to the main ditch that will carry the water away. This system will keep the site dry and ready for construction.

This week will also include an enormous amount of scraping and moving dirt with the huge scrapper equipment. The scraper is an important mechanical equipment that is used for excavating, digging and hauling of materials. The cycle begins with the dirt scrapped into the machine with a paddle wheel, dumped into the hopper and spread back on the ground preparing the site for construction.


  • Continued stripping site (landside)
  • Completed clearing & grubbing of the site
  • Began earthwork balancing (landside)
  • Install temporary fencing


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1 Site 082315 1








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