WMAA City of Zeeland Reps

April 2014 – Our Board of Directors is comprised of residents and businesspeople that live and work in our community to provide regional direction and support for the WMRA that serves an entire region. In this eNews edition, we’ve asked our three WMAA representatives from the City of Zeeland to reflect on their role with the Authority.

WMAA Zeeland Reps

Tim Klunder, City of Zeeland Manager and WMAA Board Chair:
“Zeeland has a long history of supporting local industry. The City Council and City of Zeeland voters see our airport as a community asset that helps our industries compete and thrive in a global market. The City Council continues to look for new ways to collaborate with other units of government, and we often reflect on the establishment of the WMRA as a success story.

Kevin Klynstra, City of Zeeland Mayor:
“My responsibilities on the Board include making sure the Citizens of Zeeland stay informed on how their investment in the airport continues to pay off, and to help govern the airport to keep it a first-class transportation infrastructure, to meet local industry’s needs.”

Les Hoogland, City of Zeeland Citizen:
“I am proud to be part of the initial startup of the Authority. There are many benefits of having an airport minutes away, but I believe the number one benefit is keeping JOBS here and helping businesses add new JOBS. Our airport helps keep the economy humming for companies that employ thousands of local residents.”

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