Congratulating Previous WMRA Employee on Flight to Captain Status

The West Michigan Regional Airport would like to extend our congratulations to pilot Alexander Ezinga for being promoted to Captain on the Embraer 145 in Chicago!

He previously served here at WMRA with our fix-based operator (FBO) before moving on to become a pilot for Envoy Air, a subsidiary of American Airlines, where he was recently promoted.

Starting Early

As his mother was happy to corroborate, Alex’s love of aviation started early in his life.

“Growing up, my mom always said I could be found with an airplane in one hand and a juice box in the other. My world revolved around planes, trains and big machines, and to be honest I never grew out of that phase,” Alex said.

A love of aviation runs in their family, with his grandfather working as an aerospace engineer. He was more than happy to share his knowledge about the inner-workings of airplanes with a young Alex, as well as the history of aircraft in general.

“His stories of how these machines work and the history he has been a part of captivate me to this day,” Alex said. “When it came time to focus on what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, I did not have to look far from home.”

Taking Flight

Alex’s first opportunity to fly came on September 6th, 2014 as a student of Western Michigan University’s College of Aviation, and with nothing but air beneath his wings he knew that flying would be his lifelong passion.

“While the days weren’t always pleasant and I wasn’t always patient, I sure was persistent!” he said. He remembers taking extra classes, even completing courses during the summer semester to graduate early.

After his graduation, he joined the FBO at West Michigan Regional Airport team, previously named Tulip City Air.

“I am not a very outgoing person, but for the first time I was able to break out of my shell, make lifelong friends and enjoy some of the best years of my life! It broke my heart to walk away from my home away from home, but an opportunity to fully realize my passion presented itself and I found myself as a First Officer at Envoy Air, a subsidiary of American Airlines. Now every week I take to the sky, bringing friends and families together and connecting the world!”

New Horizons

Seven years after his first flight and three years after he began flying for Envoy Air, Alex recently announced his promotion to Captain with Envoy Air/American Airlines. We’re proud to showcase Alex as an excellent aviator in our local community, as well as a one-time frequent flyer at WMRA.

“I don’t live a perfect life, and there will always be bumps along the way,” he said. “The important thing is that when you find something you love, wait for it, fight for it, don’t ever give up on it. It’s okay to have doubts and fear, that dream will keep you going. I know it, because I am living that dream!”

A special thank you to Alex’s girlfriend and WMRA employee, Rebecca Hower, for sharing pictures from Alex’s surprise party.

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